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CutShop Company is a distribution company of Belgian craft beers. We are committed to selecting and supplying our customers with quality products from all over Belgium.

The company also operates the CutShop in Mons. It is a hairdresser / barber shop offering a wide choice of craft beers.


Najib and Adrien met during a trip to China. Lovers of good beers, they realized that it was difficult to have access to varieties of beer out of the ordinary in this country.

Returning to Belgium, they started their export business of craft beers while selling little-known brewers. Little by little, they realized that, even in Belgium, the country of beer par excellence, consumers were limited to the big brands known by big brewing groups.

With the help of a friend of theirs, William, they decided to start selling beers at various events in Belgium but especially in William's hair salon, located in Jemappes (Mons).

Given the success of the beer / hairstyle combination, the 3 friends decided to reproduce the concept on a larger scale in the center of Mons.

At the same time, their clientele has expanded to various events, public or private.

Today, CutShop Company is recognized for the quality of its beers and its ability to satisfy fans of the genre, whether individual or professional.